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1. Why is it profitable to make exchange on the EXBASE platform?
2. How exchange rate calculates?
3. At what moment transaction rate fixes?
4. Are additional commissions charged during purchase?
5. Do I need to pass registration for exchange operations?
6. Do I need to go through KYC / AML when I use the quick exchange service?
7. How long does exchange operation takes?
8. Which fiat and cryptocurrencies are available for exchange?
9. What happens if I send a cryptocurrency in an amount that is less than
or higher from the amount which I specified in the application during the exchange?

Litecoin exchange (LTC)

After it became obvious that the first Bitcoin cryptocurrency had great prospects, immediately there were those who decided to join this business. However, even at that moment, somebody understood that the first cryptocurrency had significant shortcomings, formed due to the fact that no one had yet known what problems blockchains might face in practice.

Therefore, the creation of an “alternative” to Bitcoin was only a matter of time. And on October 13, 2011, one of such alternatives was put into action. The creator of Litecoin was someone named Charles L., who took the basic open-source code of the Bitcoin blockchain as a basis and modernized it somewhat.

So, for example, there was used another encryption algorithm - scrypt, instead of SHA-256. Due to it, the mining speed increased about 4 times, and the transaction confirmation rate reached an unprecedented 2.5 minutes. Actually, that's why the new cryptocurrency was called litecoin - because it was much lighter than Bitcoin. The limit on the number of possible coins was also increased - also 4 times, so the emission of this cryptocurrency is comparable to BTC.

However, despite the noticeable advantages, most users chose to use the familiar Bitcoin protocol. Which affected the value of this currency. At the exact moment, the exchange of litecoin for BTC is about 150 to 1. Which is still pretty good. So Litecoin at the moment is at the 8th place by the cost of all cryptocurrencies. And it is unlikely that in the near future it will fall below the 10th place in the list.

So it is not surprising that more and more investors and active cryptocurrency users are wondering - where is the best place to exchange ltc? After all, it is quite difficult to find intermediaries who are guaranteed to safely make both direct and reverse exchange of litecoins to fiat currency. Fortunately, there is more than one solution.

Possible exchange methods

  • Multifunctional platforms. Usually, these are services that support their own cryptocurrency wallets and allow to make various operations with cryptocurrency. Their main advantage is that the best of them, such as EXBASE, go through the licensing procedure and get the opportunity to officially work with fiat currency. That means to exchange litecoins for well-known hryvnias and rubles. But to use most of the functions of such platforms, you must go through the registration procedure. This is not a big deal, but exchanging litecoin online will be even easier and faster.

  • Litecoin exchanger online. A large number of services promise to exchange quickly and accurately, but only a few of them really do it. Alas, unscrupulous individuals use the fact that the activities of such exchangers are practically unregulated, so you can use them only at your own risk. Reading reviews, however, will give you some idea of how reliable a service is.

  • Peer - To - Peer Networks. Exchange is making without intermediaries so it is not necessary to pay the commission. However, such networks do not always offer the current rate, and they work quite slowly. Plus, again, there are a number of fraud sites. Only reading reviews can help in this situation. And also - the use of smart protocols and additional ways to secure transactions - the "timestamp", for example.

  • Cryptocurrency exchanges. Extremely functional, but all this variety of functions only hampers the regular user. In addition, most reputable and reliable exchanges are reluctant to work with regional fiat currency, and usually, most of their functions are unavailable without registration. And if they are available, then only after going through complicated KYC / AML procedures.

The advantages of our service

In addition to the fact that we provide the opportunity to exchange a litecoin to a card quickly, reliably and at a favourable rate, we also offer our customers additional opportunities. But for this, it is necessary to go through the registration procedure. However, this will allow you to make operations almost instantly, without the requirement to enter the wallet number and other data every time. In addition, our users get the opportunity to use a secure crypto wallet to store their digital currency. And although it is considered as “hot” - its reliability is high, since requests to it are made only with the permission of the user, and not constantly, as, for example, in most cryptocurrency exchanges.

If you decide that the promising Litecoin cryptocurrency will become the guarantor of your future financial stability - contact us. We will help make your decision a reality. Moreover, our site provides users with the opportunity to speculate at some point on fluctuations in the rates of various cryptocurrencies, which can become an additional source of income.

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