Litecoin (LTC) wallet

Easy multi-functional cryptocurrency wallet with fiat support, exchange operations and multi-click purchases

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1. What cryptocurrencies does EXBASE.IO crypto wallet support?
2. Is it possible to conduct cryptocurrency purchase, sale and exchange operations inside the platform?
3. Does the platform support fiat balances?
4. Do I pay any fees for using the EXBASE.IO crypto wallet?
5. What ensures the reliability of storing funds in the EXBASE.IO wallet?
6. Do I need to pass verification to use the crypto wallet?

Litecoin online wallet

To store your money, you should choose a reliable Litecoin wallet, in which you will be sure of the safety of your savings. ExBase wallet fully meets these requirements, providing high quality protection systems. The big advantage of this wallet - ability to withdraw money to the card, and the ability to make an exchange from one cryptocurrency to another. It allows to create Litecoin wallet in easiest way.

ExBase LTC Wallet is a convenient online wallet that can be used whenever you need it. In order to be able to use it, you just need to connect to the Internet and you can log into your wallet through any device.

Thanks to its beautiful design and user-friendly interface, the ExBase cryptocurrency wallet makes it easy to start using it. If you want to make your first investments in cryptocurrency, then this will be a great advantage for you.

When you want to invest your money in long-term storage, the security issue is especially importsnt. Keeping money intact from fraudsters is the most important requirement for the level of wallet security.

How to Keep Your Litecoin Cryptocurrency Safe

It is security issues that make wallet storage more trusted than placing finances on the exchange. What is the disadvantage of exchanges? By trusting money to the exchange, you completely give it control over your own savings. This means that if the management of the exchange wants to deceive users, then nothing will stop it from doing this, depriving its investors of money. Another important drawback of the exchange is that cryptocurrency exchanges in every way stimulate users to trade, since earnings on commissions are their main income. But statistics show that most people lose their money if they begin to engage in stock trading. Crypto wallet is devoid of these shortcomings.

Using Lightcoin ExBase wallet, you do not risk your money, as it has extremely high level of security and trustworthy. Due to the fact that all transactions of purchase, sale or exchange are carried out in a decentralized network, your money remains inviolable.

The safety of your money is our top priority. In order to guarantee it, MasterPassword is fully used. This is a special password that is necessary for the user to confirm each operation. Only the user knows it, which means that even account was hacked, the attacker will not be able to access the money that is stored in your account.

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(!) Any investment in cryptocurrency, including the purchase of LTC using Exbase cryptocurrency wallet, is associated with high market risks of asset price fluctuations. Exbase provides its customers with easy and multifunctional tools for cryptocurrency operations and makes every effort to properly inform our customers about cryptocurrencies and investments in them, but Exbase does not bear any responsibility for the investment results that may result from the actions of our clients! This page and any information on it does not imply any recommendations on the acquisition of any cryptocurrency or the performance of any other investment decisions based on it.