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Buy cryptocurrency fast

Buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency with a credit card? Buy with EXBASE in just a few clicks!!
Buy cryptocurrency


1. Why is it profitable to buy cryptocurrencies on the EXBASE platform?

We conduct transactions that are based on Kraken / Coinbase / Bitfinex exchange rates at cross rates to local currencies.

Our platform has direct agreements with payment service providers, bypassing intermediaries. Thus, we got the opportunity to conduct fiat operations with minimal commissions. This allows us to offer a more profitable course to our users since the fees of payment systems are already inquired in the exchange rate.

2. How process of buying cryptocurrency by EXBASE Quick Buy Service is working?

First you have to choose cryptocurrency and payment method.

Then you need to specify the amount of purchase.

Fill the address of the cryptocurrency wallet to which purchased cryptocurrency will be deposited, and an email, where we will send a message with payment details.

Then you have to confirm the transaction and make a payment by a method that you choose.

After successful payment, cryptocurrency will be deposited to your wallet.

3. At what rate is the purchase made?

The rate is determined by the purchase calculator and is calculated as the international exchange rate + payment system commission + blockchain network commission + small EXBASE fee for the operation.

4. At what moment transaction rate fixes?

During the process of buying crypto by fiat funds, exchange rate fixes at the moment when EXBASE system receives the assets. Usually, it happens at the moment of confirmation of write-off from a card (after entering 3DS code).

5. Are additional commissions charged during purchase?

All commissions are inquired in the exchange rate calculated by our purchase calculator.
In rare cases, additional payment may be charged by the bank that issued the payment card, for example, if you use a credit card or a card with a currency that does not coincide with the payment currency (then so-called currency conversion happens).

6. Do I need to pass registration for making a purchase?

No, to make a cryptocurrency purchase using the quick buy service, you do not have to register an account in the EXBASE crypto wallet. However, registered users do not need to enter their data each time to make a purchase, and after registration, you will be able to use more website features for buying, selling, exchanging, storing, receiving and sending cryptocurrencies.

7. Do I need to go through KYC / AML when I use the quick buy service?

Quick purchase operations for hryvnias do not require KYC / AML procedures. But, in order to counteract fraudulent transactions, we may ask to verify the card.

8. How long does it take to buy cryptocurrency using the EXBASE quick buy service?

Buying a cryptocurrency takes an average of 5 to 7 minutes, which you need to fill out the forms for buying and paying for cryptocurrency. As soon as we receive payment for the cryptocurrency, we immediately send the cryptocurrency to the cryptocurrency wallet specified on the purchase form and you can track the process of crediting the cryptocurrency to your wallet using the link provided by us with tx.

The speed of depositing cryptocurrency to your wallet will depend on the transaction speed of the blockchain network of the cryptocurrency you buy and the settings of your crypto wallet (the number of confirmations at which you will be credited).

To speed up the operations of buying and selling cryptocurrencies, we recommend creating an account in the EXBASE crypto wallet. In your own account operations will take much less.

9. What payment methods can I use to buy cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrency purchase payment methods available to you are indicated in the drop-down list when you click on the button to select the payment method in the purchase form.

10. Which cryptocurrencies can I purchase by using the EXBASE service?

A complete list of cryptocurrencies that are currently available for purchase is presented by clicking on the "buy cryptocurrency" button with a drop-down list in the form of purchase. The list of available cryptocurrencies for purchase is constantly updating and expanding.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency

Since the moment when Bitcoin appeared and the expansion of digital currency there became a lot of options to buy cryptocurrency. If you are looking for a simple and safe way to buy cryptocurrency with a bank card, then our service is for you.

Buy cryptocurrency with a bank card

How to buy bitcoins on the Internet? You can quickly and profitably buy cryptocurrency by using the EXBASE platform.

EXBASE service has simplified the whole process as much as possible, reducing the purchase of electronic money to 2-3 clicks. Our platform allows you to conduct operations for the purchase of cryptocurrency without registration immediately on the site. If you have any mobile device, you can go to the site, enter the purchase amount and conduct the operation.

Choose popular types of creeps (bitcoin, litecoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum and others) and pay for the purchase of digital coins by credit card or using electronic wallets.

Buying cryptocurrency without registering on the website of the modern EXBASE service is the most advantageous offer for investors. Now you do not need to go through long registrations and endless verification to perform the operation. After the purchase, the cryptocurrency will be credited to your electronic wallet immediately. Even 2-3 years ago, the operation to purchase cryptocurrency could last about 20-30 hours, and the money was credited to the account within 2-3 days. Today, modern applications allow you to buy cryptocurrency very quickly.

Why is it profitable to buy cryptocurrency with EXBASE

Digital assets are very volatile, but statistically, from year to year, the Bitcoin price increasing remains in the positive zone.

Investment analysts considered that investing in Bitcoin over the past 10 years has been the most profitable alternative among investors around the world.

People who want to invest in Bitcoin are looking for the best way to buy cryptocurrency. Buying cryptocurrency with a card on the Internet without registering allows buyers to get additional benefits:

  • Security. All transactions for the purchase of digital coins are processing according to international security standards. Free EXBASE cryptocurrency wallet to store cryptocurrency.
  • Hacking protection. Only the owner has access to the crypto wallet.
  • Advanced functionality for customers. The online platform website allows making operations for cryptocurrency purchase, sale, exchange, storage and sending.
  • Convenient service interface. The page uses tooltips, all information is in English.
  • Cryptocurrencies are purchased instantly. The whole operation takes about 5-7 minutes, which the client needs to fill out all forms on the website page.
  • The minimum commission is already included in the exchange rate.

In some situations, the bank which card is used by the buyer may charge an additional fee for currency converting or using credit funds.

Invest your money in the purchase of crypto using only a proven and legal service. Remember that buying Bitcoin from private sellers is a very dangerous action. If you have plans to invest in bitcoin and make a profit on cryptocurrency, it is better to use more secure ways to buy digital currency.

What is Bitcoin and what is it used for?

Bitcoin (BTC) is a digital coin that became the start of the financial Internet revolution. No one still knows who created bitcoin. The first mentions of digital money appeared in 1983, and since 2008, the cryptocurrency market began to develop rapidly. Satoshi Nakamoto is considered to be the founder of bitcoin, this name was called by the anonymous developer of the first currency protocols.

Bitcoin is the first digital money that marked the beginning of the development of a fundamentally new financial era!

What are bitcoins for today? Bitcoin is a popular investment tool that is convenient to use:

  • As an alternative payment method. There are more and more companies which are accepting payment with bitcoins online;
  • As a practical way to save your assets. Cryptocurrency owners do not worry that in case of risky operations their accounts will be blocked;
  • Instead of fiat currency. If it is impossible to store money in dollars or euros, consumers choose bitcoin.

How to make money on bitcoin? You can earn income through mining, or by speculating on the course. In exchangers, the Bitcoin exchange rate is constantly changing, its value is determined by the level of supply and demand. New investments in the cryptocurrency market contribute to the growth of Bitcoin, and, accordingly, increase its value.

Litecoin is a popular cryptocurrency for investment

Litecoin Cryptocurrency (LTC) appeared in 2011 and immediately gained popularity among investors. Litecoin block is forming in just 2.5 minutes, and transactions are faster and cheaper. Until 2017, the price of Litecoin remained minimal. However, the reformatting of the market and new investments allowed Litecoin to achieve a high price. Also, the Litecoin mining profitability was noted, but this requires high-tech equipment.

Bitcoin Cash - Features and Methods of Acquisition

Another fork of Bitcoin is the Bitcoin Cash (BTH) cryptocurrency, formed as a result of the separation of a virtual asset. Bitcoin Cash is similar to Bitcoin but with an increased information section volume and new block signing algorithms.

In Europe and America, some shops and cafes accept bitcoin cash. A quick purchase of cryptocurrency is available on the EXBASE website. The forecast for this cryptocurrency often coincides with the situation with bitcoin. So if you see the price of one of the coins is growing, you can expect the price of other will be growing too.

What is Ethereum in simple words?

Ethereum (ETH) is a relatively new cryptocurrency that appeared only in 2015. Today, Ethereum is the second by popularity and used for developing online services on the basis of blockchain technology. Ethereum cryptocurrency has huge potential, and according to some forecasts, it will be able to bypass bitcoin in popularity.

Analyzing the cryptocurrency market at the end of 2019, it is important to note that bitcoin and other types of electronic money are a truly interesting and promising investment tool. New financial injections from large investors contribute to the development of the market and provide an opportunity for everyone to join to profitable investment. If you have modern EXBASE service in arsenal, than you have all conditions to buy a cryptocurrency without registration right away with a credit card instantly and without any risks.