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European Central Bank is planning to conduct a survey on the digital Euro

Nov 3, 2020 | News
European Central Bank is planning to conduct a survey on the digital Euro

According to the official statement of the head of the ECB - Christine Lagarde, soon all EU residents will be able to take a survey regarding how they would like to see the new digital euro.

This survey is conducted as part of a study on the feasibility of introducing digital currencies of central banks in general. That means, EU representatives are not yet completely sure whether they want to change the existing financial system, but just in case they are thinking about how to do it right. In order, at least, to keep up with other countries actively implementing their own CBDC projects.

The survey, however, can be passed by anyone - even a resident of Ukraine. However, knowledge of foreign languages will be needed here, since among the options for languages are only those that are actively used in the EU. After specifying the first name, last name and email address, you will receive a link to the survey text. Next, you will need to indicate on whose behalf you are taking this test (the item "ordinary citizen"), your age group, gender and country of residence. In our situation, it is better to honestly indicate “other”.

Next, you will be offered the following points:

  • Arrange the features that the digital euro can provide in order of importance to you. The higher it's on the list, the more important.
  • Comment on this list somehow, if you wish.
  • Give examples of possible obstacles and difficulties in using the new euro and explain why this is so.
  • Indicate what additional features would be useful to implement to improve access to the digital euro for people without bank accounts or people with special needs.
  • Choose one of the two preferred options for working - with or without intermediaries. And explain why this is so.
  • If there is a desire - somehow comment on the questions or your answers in general.

Whatever will be the result of the survey, the central banks of some European countries have already begun developing their own projects and basic security requirements for them. Regarding the ECB working group has already drawn up a preliminary report on the possible prospects and difficulties of this process.

An important point - issuing digital money does not mean abandoning real currency. Banknotes will be printed and continue to circulate in the economy along with the new stablecoins.

Published on the EXBASE.IO based on materials from forklog.com