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Functionality of cryptocurrency exchanges, safety of a cryptocurrency wallet, simplicity of an exchanger.

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  • Replenish your balance and receive payments with credit and debit bank cards
  • Perform deposit and withdraw operations by using the bank transfers
  • Receive benefits from low fiat deposit and withdrawal fees
  • EXBASE.IO allows you to deposit and withdraw all main cryptocurrencies
  • Send cryptocurrencies quickly and easily to any recipient worldwide
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) and multi-factor action confirmations guarantee the security of your account
  • EXBASE.IO creates real crypto wallets on the blockchain network. Upon request, we will give you cryptocurrency keys, and you can transfer assets to another wallet
  • MasterPassword - your personal key to access to crypto-wallets, which is not stored by our system and therefore even EXBASE.IO employees cannot access your cryptocurrencies
  • Operations: crypto-crypto, fiat-crypto and crypto-fiat
  • Access to current cryptocurrency exchange rates
  • Transparent and low fees
  • Many currency pairs to exchange
  • Decentralized operations ensure reliable storage of your funds
  • It is very simple to make any operations - no exchange orders, no empty order books
  • Use professional analysis tools to make the right decisions. (soon)
  • The visualized statistics will provide you with a complete picture of what is happening.
  • Do not lose control of your crypto assets even on the run, by using the mobile application (soon)

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EXBASE - Modern Cryptocurrency Wallet

There аrе different cryptocurrency wallets in the world, but EXBASE stands out from the rest because it is not just a wallet - it is a whole product that contains a lot of innovations. It is the features that distinguish it from the rest of the solutions and allow it deservedly be called one of the most functional wallets in the world.

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Convenience and reliability

When you choose a wallet in order to hold cryptocurrency assets in it, you will need to carefully approach this issue. Indeed, not only the security of your money but also the convenience of their use depends on this.

The EXBASE cryptocurrency wallet has incorporated all the necessary functionality. It has such important qualities as: high reliability, affordability and the ability to exchange, buy and sell cryptocurrency. Using it, you can buy and sell your assets and spend a minimum of your time on it. Just a few clicks - and the transaction is completed.

EXBASE gives you the opportunity to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash with a bank card without spending a lot of time on it.

The security of your assets

Choosing EXBASE cryptocurrency wallet will be the best solution in terms of security, convenience, and opportunities.

The security of customer data is at the most important level for us. In order to make it convenient for you to use a cryptocurrency wallet to hold currency, you will be able to customize a wallet personally depending on level of its security and convenience.

A high level of security is ensured through the use of MasterPassword - with its help, encryption of access key phrases is performed. With this secret password, which is known only to you, access to the wallet will be protected even from a direct hacking system by an attacker.

Using an EXBASE wallet will allow you to get a high level of security, which is combined with using a truly wide selection of operations, such as buying, selling and exchanging cryptocurrencies in a decentralized network. Also, you can quickly and easily buy and sell cryptocurrencies with a Visa or Mastercard banking card.

Advantages of Wallet

Those who are interested in buying and selling cryptocurrencies for fiat funds will be able to withdraw their capital in RUB, UAH, USD and in EUR. Thus, thanks to this opportunity and the possibility of exchange within the system, you can save more money. Also, our rates are one of the most loyal to our customers.

Choosing an EXBASE wallet gives you the following benefits:

  • Security. The security of the wallet is at the highest level. By choosing it for yourself, you reliably protect your funds.
  • Convenience. The interface is based on the real needs of our customers and allows you to use all its functionality in the most effective way.
  • Support of many fiat currencies and payment methods. We are actively expanding the list of supported fiat currencies for Deposit / withdrawal, as well as integrating new payment systems and digital currency wallets.
  • Cryptocurrency exchange, purchase and sale operations. An important advantage of the wallet is the ability to exchange currencies. You can buy the cryptocurrency at a profitable rate.
  • Deposit and withdrawal of fiat currencies with using of bank cards. We offer you the option to withdraw UAH, RUB, also USD, EUR will be available soon.

By using the EXBASE.IO wallet, you can easily buy your own cryptocurrency at any time you need at a favorable rate by fiat. Using the exchange inside the wallet and the ability to make quick transfers from one wallet to another is making it the undisputed leader among multi-currency wallets.