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1. Why is it profitable to make exchange on the EXBASE.IO platform?
2. How exchange rate calculates?
3. At what moment transaction rate fixes?
4. Are additional commissions charged during purchase?
5. Do I need to pass registration for exchange operations?
6. Do I need to go through KYC / AML when I use the quick exchange service?
7. How long does exchange operation takes?
8. Which fiat and cryptocurrencies are available for exchange?
9. What happens if I send a cryptocurrency in an amount that is less than
or higher from the amount which I specified in the application during the exchange?

Ethereum Exchange (ETH)

After it became clear that the blockchain system in total and cryptocurrencies, in particular, have a great future, many developers decided to use them in their projects. But a new idea had to be original for being competitive. Therefore, when in 2013 the founder of Bitcoin Magazine Vitalik Buterin proposed the idea of a platform for creating decentralized applications with his own cryptocurrency, it was met with great interest.

The network was launched on July 30, 2015. And it quickly became clear that this was a success. Many people became interested in the ability to quickly implement blockchain technologies, including the largest software developers - Microsoft and IBM, various charitable organizations, including UNICEF, as well as many banks (the National Bank of Canada) and individuals. Moreover, in 2017, they created the official organization - Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), which includes more than 500 largest companies from around the world.

Such a powerful start caused that initial exchange of Ethereum for other cryptocurrencies performed on fairly favourable terms. However, the developers of the system initially tried to make some kind of restriction to the freedom of exchange, and with them. Ether could be exchanged only for Bitcoin. However, a lot of intermediaries appeared quickly and helped to pass this limitation.

At the exact moment, Ether is the third most valuable cryptocurrency in the world, losing only to Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. And due to the attachment to the real actions and projects, as well as - of interest to official sources, the volatility of the Ether market is significantly lower than other cryptocurrencies. Therefore, more and more people are looking for a stable, but effective cryptocurrency, considering the use and exchange eth, as a profitable investment of their own funds. Especially if you can find a reliable intermediary for this matter.

Exchange methods

  • Multifunctional platforms. As a good example, EXBASE.IO. The service provides its users not only the ability to exchange Ethereum to many other currencies, including fiat , but also provides a number of other useful features. For them, however, it is necessary to register. And you don’t have to worry about data safety - the service is regulated by an official license. In addition, after registration, you can use another extremely useful feature for new crypto users - a secure wallet.

  • Cryptocurrency exchanges. The method is good, but too complicated for beginners. Yes, such exchanges provide their users with the opportunity not only to make, for example ,ethereum exchange online but also to speculate on the fluctuations of its exchange rate, still to fully master the functionality provided by exchanges is a rather difficult task. In addition, many such exchanges do not work either with regional fiat currencies, or with users from countries with a "bad reputation", to which, alas, our country also belongs. And if the exchange of crypto to fiat currency is still possible, then only after passing quite a long and inconvenient KYC / AML operations .

  • Online Ethereum exchanger. The method is as simple as possible, since it does not require registration. However, before work, you should make sure that the service is safe. The fact is that many such projects are either fraudulent in nature or actively collect user data. So it’s worth getting acquainted with the real reviews of those who took the risk and contacted with such projects.

  • Peer-to-peer networks. Direct exchange between different users. The disadvantages of this method are obvious - there is a high risk of running into a fraudster, a strong vulnerability to a “repeat transaction” attack, and a low speed of the service. And the lack of commission, alas, is compensated by not-so-relevant courses, which are more beneficial to sellers than buyers.

Advantages of working with our service

The EXBASE.IO platform provides its users with an excellent balance between simplicity, speed and functionality. Even a new crypto user will be able to figure out how to exchange eth for a card, for example. And with the additional information which can be founded on the platform, you can understand better what is cryptocurrency at all and how it should work.

It is also worth mentioning that despite the fact that the platform plays the role of an intermediary, it takes a small commission from completed transactions. Moreover, it does not need to be paid for - it is already taken into account during the conversion of various currencies into each other.

Thanks to official licensing, EXBASE.IO can exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies, and vice versa, which is extremely beneficial in our conditions, because unlike in Western countries, not many domestic services accept cryptos for payment.

If you firmly decided to get comfortable in the complex world of cryptocurrencies , then at least at first you need a reliable “guide”. And EXBASE.IO will help you with this. So - get in touch.

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