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How to buy Ethereum with EXBASE wallet?

What distinguishes Ethereum apart from other cryptocurrencies you know? The most important thing is that this is not just ordinary cryptocurrencies, but a whole decentralized environment that allows you to develop services based on blockchain technology using smart contracts. At the same time, the currency itself is the second most popular in the world after Bitcoin and has been firmly holding this place for several years now.

What do you have to do to buy Ethereum and start using it? Everything is very simple, you need to create your own wallet in which your currency will be stored. EXBASE multi-currency wallet allows you to start using cryptocurrency and invest in it quickly.

During the use of EXBASE wallet, you can buy Ethereum after spending a very small amount of time on it. In less than 5 minutes, you can become the owner of your own cryptocurrency. The big advantage of using our wallet is commissions, which are one of the lowest at the market. You can buy cryptocurrency without spending a lot of money on them. After purchasing the ether, you will be able to use it as you like - to store, sell, buy or exchange.

Profit with Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency Investments brings a stable and high profit starting from the medium term. The thing is that the cryptocurrency rate is growing in waves - therefore, in order to achieve the most effective earnings, you need to buy cryptocurrency when it becomes cheaper and sell after a significant price increase. After that, using our EXBASE wallet, you can withdraw your cryptocurrency assets directly to the EUR card. This will save significant funds on the exchange and immediately get a stable currency. How to buy Ethereum?

There is nothing complicated in buying cryptocurrency ether by using Visa or MasterCard bank cards. This is another advantage of this service - online wallets allow you to use them with any device that can access the Internet.

Purchase steps

What steps must be taken to buy ETH in an EXBASE multi-currency wallet?

  1. You choose the necessary currency that you want to buy in our wallet, in this case Ethereum.
  2. Indicate the amount of money for which you want to purchase cryptocurrency. Our service will automatically calculate the amount of currency you receive.
  3. You need to provide the payment information of your bank card. A Visa or MasterCard of any bank is suitable. Check this information - it will be necessary to make a payment.
  4. Cryptocurrency is transferred to your account in EXBASE wallet. After that, you can use it any way you want.

It did not take more than five minutes to replenish the Ethereum wallet. During this time, you received cryptocurrency, which you can accumulate, sell, exchange and withdraw in fiat to a bank card at a convenient commission. Our wallet is anonymous, which allows us to talk about a higher level of user protection than on centralized crypto exchanges.

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(!) Any investment in cryptocurrency, including the purchase of ETH using Exbase cryptocurrency wallet, is associated with high market risks of asset price fluctuations. Exbase provides its customers with easy and multifunctional tools for cryptocurrency operations and makes every effort to properly inform our customers about cryptocurrencies and investments in them, but Exbase does not bear any responsibility for the investment results that may result from the actions of our clients! This page and any information on it does not imply any recommendations on the acquisition of any cryptocurrency or the performance of any other investment decisions based on it.