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EXBASE presents a new format for personal account

Jul 1, 2020 |
EXBASE presents a new format for personal account

Dear users, we are glad to introduce a new format for the design of the EXBASE personal account, in which was added a number of useful functions.

In the “Portfolio” tab, for assistance, was added the ability to immediately deposit or withdraw the selected currency, this applies to both cryptocurrencies and fiat. At the top of the portfolio, you can now see the dynamics of the cryptocurrency price change and choose the analysis period - day, week, month or more.

Another important innovation in the portfolio was the adding of a cryptocurrency price change graph, compared to the fiat currency that is selected as the main in the portfolio, which is located next to the asset price dynamics.

The exchange interface between cryptocurrencies and fiat has also been redesigned, becoming more functional. Now you can see the real price of the asset, how much you will get when you buy or sell it, and like in the case with the portfolio, users have the opportunity to monitor price fluctuations both with the help of a chart and the usual display of price dynamics.

A helpful innovation for our users was the adding the “Analytics” tab, which displays all the operations performed by the user. There is also a filter where you can choose the period for which operations (day/week/year) will be displayed, their type (deposit/exchange withdrawal) and the asset with which the operations were made.