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Fake accounts and writing requests to EXBASE customer support

Mar 15, 2021 | About EXBASE product
Fake accounts and writing requests to EXBASE customer support

Dear users! Recently, a lot of fake accounts have appeared in Telegram, which copy the name of our user customer support channel, and are distinguished by typos that are invisible at first glance. Often, the fraudsters pretend to be an employees of our support service, so we ask you to pay attention to the fact that EXBASE platform from now on, switches to support using the online chat, which is available on our website.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that EXBASE employees will NEVER ask you to transfer funds to any bank cards or wallets, and also carry out transactions based on requests EXCLUSIVELY for details (cryptocurrency wallets, bank cards, etc.) PROVIDED BY THE USERS THEMSELVES.

Dear users, please note that the main operating time of EXBASE customer support is 08:00 - 19:00 Mon-Fri UTC+3, and the maximum waiting time for a response can be half an hour.

Inquiries made outside of working hours will be reviewed in the morning.

On weekends and holidays, customer support works according to a free schedule, the answer is provided within 5 hours.

We kindly ask you to observe the following safety measures:

  1. Please note that dialogue with our technical support is possible only in live chat, or via mail [email protected]. Please refrain from searching for an EXBASE support account via the Telegram search form, as it may be one of the fraudulent accounts.
  2. You also can write to us at [email protected] if you have contacted scammers so that we can stop their activities.
  3. When forming an application for changing requisites, if the wrong format of the cryptocurrency or card for payment was previously indicated, the user himself changes the cryptocurrency address, card or wallet for payment.
  4. EXBASE employees NEVER provide any wallets or cards for which it is necessary to change the details in the application, motivating this with the algorithms of the service, or confirmations.
  5. We NEVER carry out an exchange in Telegram, the exchange of cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies is possible only upon the creation of exchange requests or after registration in the wallet of the EXBASE website

Please be vigilant!

Best regards, EXBASE team.