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How to buy Bitcoin with EXBASE wallet?

Bitcoin is the first and most famous cryptocurrency in the world. It was created in 2009 and since then it has become a part of our lives. Nowadays investments in this cryptocurrency have already allowed millions of people to earn a lot of money and continue to make a profit so far.

How to buy bitcoin with card?
In order to buy bitcoin, you need to get your own wallet. For example EXBASE It has all you need - a convenient and safe way to purchase the cryptocurrency which you want.

How to earn money from cryptocurrencies?

  • Investing in cryptocurrencies can bring high stable income in the medium and long term. Making money from cryptocurrency is simple, buy Bitcoin when the price drops and later sell it when it grows enough. For these purposes, you need a cryptocurrency wallet where you can safely save your own funds, as well as easy and quickly conduct operations with cryptocurrency.
  • EXBASE multicurrency cryptocurrency wallet offers affordable commissions and wide functionality. There you will have the opportunity to purchase the necessary cryptocurrencies, sell them, and also exchange them. EXBASE wallet is the best way to buy bitcoin at a bargain price with a low commission.
  • One of the main advantages of Bitcoin is that it plays the role of “digital gold” in the world of cryptocurrency. You can pick it if you want to start investing in cryptocurrencies.
  • You can put money on your wallet in a simple and quick way using a Visa or MasterCard credit card, bank account or electronic money. Simple and intuitive interface will be easy even for those people who have never used cryptocurrency wallets or exchanges.

How to buy Bitcoin?

All that you need for buying bitcoin is to to do the following:

  1. Register an account in EXBASE wallet.
  2. After registration, log into your account and select Bitcoin among the presented cryptocurrencies.
  3. Enter the amount of cryptocurrency which you want to buy. After that, you will see the amount of bitcoin that you will receive
  4. Enter your Visa or MasterCard bank card payment information. It will be necessary for making the purchase.
  5. You get the necessary amount of currency to your account and you can use it in the way you need to - sell, store or exchange.

If you want to buy bitcoin quickly and easy, then our wallet is the perfect solution. It will help you buy cryptocurrency from any bank card, as well as give a great opportunity to withdraw your funds in various fiat currencies to your credit card. This will allow you to profitably get your money by paying a small commission and save on currency conversion. There is nothing difficult in such a thing as buying bitcoin, if you use EXBASE.

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(!) Any investment in cryptocurrency, including the purchase of BTC using Exbase cryptocurrency wallet, is associated with high market risks of asset price fluctuations. Exbase provides its customers with easy and multifunctional tools for cryptocurrency operations and makes every effort to properly inform our customers about cryptocurrencies and investments in them, but Exbase does not bear any responsibility for the investment results that may result from the actions of our clients! This page and any information on it does not imply any recommendations on the acquisition of any cryptocurrency or the performance of any other investment decisions based on it.