Gateway of deposit and withdrawal of fiat funds from the Binance exchange

Deposit and withdraw funds from Binance crypto-exchange at convenient rates in a few clicks

Make a deposit to Binance Binance icon
You send
min: 5000 UAH, max: 29500.00000000 UAH
0 %
You receive
min: 0.00811193 BTC, max: 0.02352462 BTC
Withdraw from Binance Binance icon
You send
min: 0.00811193 BTC, max: 0.02352462 BTC
1 BTC = 1232751.0640213
You receive
min: 5000 UAH, max: 29500.00000000 UAH
0 %


1. How can I deposit or withdraw funds from Binance with EXBASE.IO
2. How does fiat deposit service works?

gateway step one

During deposit to cryptocurrency exchange, you need to select the fiat method and currency, indicate the amount and choose the cryptocurrency, which you will receive on the crypto-wallet exchange.

In order for the system to transfer cryptocurrency to your exchange crypto wallet, you will need to provide its address, as well as the email to receive notifications with transaction details.

gateway step two

Further, all you need to do is pay for the received cryptocurrency and wait for the cryptocurrency to be received on your exchange account.

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