Gateway of deposit and withdrawal of fiat funds from the Binance exchange

Deposit and withdraw funds from Binance crypto-exchange at convenient rates in a few clicks

Make a deposit to Binance Binance icon
You send
min: 641 UAH, max: 29000 UAH
7.7 %
You receive
min: 0.00206010 BTC, max: 0.06844715 BTC
Withdraw from Binance Binance icon
You send
min: 0.00206010 BTC, max: 0.06844715 BTC
1 BTC = 252555.13330000
You receive
min: 641 UAH, max: 29000 UAH
1.13 %


1. How can I deposit or withdraw funds from Binance with EXBASE.IO

Binance exchange is fiat-free, i.e. trading on the exchange is provided only in cryptocurrencies. In order to add funds on the exchange account with fiat funds or withdraw cryptocurrency in fiat, you need to use the services of third-party providers for exchanging cryptocurrencies for fiat funds. Unlike Exbase, most cryptocurrency exchange partners request additional registrations and long KYC/AML procedure.

2. How does fiat deposit service works?

gateway step one

During deposit to cryptocurrency exchange, you need to select the fiat method and currency, indicate the amount and choose the cryptocurrency, which you will receive on the crypto-wallet exchange.

In order for the system to transfer cryptocurrency to your exchange crypto wallet, you will need to provide its address, as well as the email to receive notifications with transaction details.

gateway step two

Further, all you need to do is pay for the received cryptocurrency and wait for the cryptocurrency to be received on your exchange account.

3. How does the Exbase service for withdrawing fiat funds works?

To withdraw fiat funds from a crypto exchange, you need to fill the withdrawal form and choose which of the available crypto assets you would like to withdraw and indicate the withdrawal amount.

Next, the system will ask you for a card or wallet number, which will be used for deposit and email to notify you about the details of the transaction.

To complete the transaction, you will need to send the cryptocurrency in the amount you selected to the address specified by the system. Immediately after receiving EXBASE.IO cryptocurrency, payment will be sent to your card or wallet.


The cryptocurrency rate during payment is fixed at the time the EXBASE.IO system receives a cryptocurrency transfer, therefore the amount you receive may differ slightly up or down depending on the speed of the transaction on the blockchain network and cryptocurrency change rate at this moment.

4. Why is it profitable to make deposit to exchanges by using the Exbase system?

There are two main reasons

First, with us depositing is more profitable than on most fiat exchanges, because we maintain a minimum margin of operations.

Second, not all major international exchanges work with fiat funds (for example, Binance, Okex), and those that work can refuse verification to users from many countries, thereby preventing them from using fiat Deposit/Withdraw methods (for example, Kraken, Coinbase).

5. At what rate does cryptocurrency conversion calculates?

We convert funds on international crypto-exchanges and OTC platforms, which rates we are offering duting providing our services. As a reward, we take only a reasonable commission for deposit / withdraw.

6. What commission is provided for depositing/withdrawal of funds?

We try to offer our users the most profitable rates in comparison with main fiat crypto exchanges.

Nevertheless, we reserve the right to change the commission depending on the market situation.

7. Which payment methods can I use to deposit and withdraw funds from crypto exchanges?

We currently support VISA and Master Card, as well as deposit and withdraw from Qiwi wallet.

8. Why can't I deposit or withdraw fiat funds on the Binance platform?

Binance Exchange is a fiat-free exchange. It supports trading exclusively with crypto assets. Deposits and withdrawals to the exchange are provided by partners of the cryptocurrency exchange, and also using third-party services where you can buy and sell cryptocurrency with fiat funds.

9. What fiat currencies can I use at the exact moment for depositing and withdrawing from crypto exchanges?

Exbase currently supports two currencies, RUB and UAH. In the near future, we plan to significantly expand the list of fiat currencies that can be added and which can be withdrawed from crypto-exchanges.

10. Which exchanges can I make deposit to, by using the Exbase services?

Using our service, you can make deposit to any crypto exchange by the fees offered by Exbase, which are often more profitable than the fees set by the exchanges.

Withdrawal from any crypto-exchange is also available.

11. Do I need to sign up for using the service of deposit to cryptocurrency exchanges?

No, this service provides the ability for any user to make transactions without registration. Nevertheless, registered users have access to a more profitable fees and enhanced wallet functionality.

12. About Binance

gateway_binance.Binance – одна из крупнейших и самых популярных среди профессиональных трейдеров централизированная биржа криптовалют. Биржа предлагает торговлю фьючерсами, маржинальную торговлю, широкие инструменты технического анализа, большой выбор ордеров, отличается высокой ликвидностью и глубокими стаканами, развитым API.