The best way to withdraw cryptocurrencies to hryvnia! Zero withdrawal and an excellent selling rate

Apr 10, 2020 | About EXBASE.IO product
The best way to withdraw cryptocurrencies to hryvnia! Zero withdrawal and an excellent selling rate

Offer Details

EXBASE.IO allows to use a unique offer for its registered users - the most profitable way to convert cryptocurrency to fiat hryvnia. The commission is zero on the withdrawal of the hryvnia to the card and the most favourable rate for the sale of cryptocurrencies in the system.

The EXBASE.IO service is being developed as the best option for entering and exiting from cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies. And we will adhere to a similar policy in the future.


Why exactly zero commission for the hryvnia withdrawal?

We know very well how the cryptocurrency market was filled with junk and fraudulent projects, and we understand that is a long path to gaining user trust. Therefore, we decided to offer all our users a risk-free transaction.

You can replenish your cryptocurrency wallet in EXBASE.IO system with any of the four cryptocurrencies we support: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, then immediately sell it and withdraw fiat funds to the hryvnia card at the most favourable conditions.

Who pays the commission for the payment system?

We cover the commission that the payment system takes for the withdrawal of the hryvnia by our own expense.

Why are we doing this?

We believe that this is an honest price for the opportunity to tell potential users about our project.

Are there any limits?

Yes, 250 000 UAH for one user on one card.

How to use the offer?

Offer can be used by every registered user. After registration, you will automatically create four crypto-wallets for the most popular digital assets (this may take a little time). Further, in the exchange section, you can exchange cryptocurrency to hryvnia and withdraw the hryvnia to the card by clicking on the hryvnia balance in your portfolio in the system.

Everything is transparent

In the user's account, we buy cryptocurrencies at the following prices:

Cryptoasset Buying price