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1. Why is it profitable to make exchange on the EXBASE.IO platform?
2. How exchange rate calculates?
3. At what moment transaction rate fixes?
4. Are additional commissions charged during purchase?
5. Do I need to pass registration for exchange operations?
6. Do I need to go through KYC / AML when I use the quick exchange service?
7. How long does exchange operation takes?
8. Which fiat and cryptocurrencies are available for exchange?
9. What happens if I send a cryptocurrency in an amount that is less than
or higher from the amount which I specified in the application during the exchange?

Bitcoin Cash Exchange (BCH)

In 2008, when the Bitcoin blockchain was just being created, no one could imagine that in just 9 years, users will face a big problem - scalability. The fact is that the base block size was initially small - 1 MB. It was enough to save all current transactions, and DDoS attacks were easier to resist. But with the increasing popularity of blockchain, transactions became larger and larger, "confirmation queues" began to form, reaching almost a few days. And this could not continue for a long time.

The solution was found quite quickly - increase the size of the block, and also - organize the storage of information outside the main chain. But the blockchain protocol itself implied that all users should implement this decision. And some felt that this solution is beneficial only to investors, and not to ordinary users. And they offered their own alternative.

On August 1, 2017, a forced hardfork happened. The main chain of Bitcoin switched to the SegWit2x protocol, and the other chain formed a new cryptocurrency - Bitcoin Cash. The basic algorithm for data storing was saved in it, but the size of the base block was increased - up to 8 MB. And since the network retained a significant percentage of basic capacities, bitcoin cash exchange immediately began to be carried out at a fairly high level - 1 BTH to 0.5 BTC.

At the exact moment, Bitcoin Cash is an independent cryptocurrency actively used around the world. On the one hand, it’s even more profitable than traditional bitcoin, since it is mined with less competition, and it’s still far from “production peak”, which the classic BTC will reach in a few years. So a profitable exchange of BTH is a reality. Especially if you find a suitable intermediary. But there are a few problems with it, since the official financial institutions are very reluctant to work with crypto since the processes of its use are still insufficiently regulated. And, unfortunately, not only in our country, but also almost all over the world. Unless, of course, if a complete ban can be considered as effective regulation.

Exchange methods

  • Multifunctional platforms. A prime example is EXBASE.IO. It allows you to make both quick exchanges and purchases, and work with cryptocurrency at a deeper level. To do this, however, you must register, but you can be sure about the safety of the entered data. The fact that the work of our platform is governed by a legal license, so you don’t have to worry about the misuse use of both resources and sensitive information. In addition, the platform provides the user reliably protected crypto wallet, which significantly facilitates the exchange of Bitcoin Cash not only to another crypto but also on fiat currency.

  • Cryptocurrency exchange. They have broader functionality than platforms, but you still need to learn how to work with it. Which is quite difficult, since their interface is far from intuitively understandable. In addition, “hot wallets” provided by constantly working exchange blockchains are less reliable than those provided by multi-functional platforms.

  • Peer-to-peer networks. Exchange without intermediaries - directly between users. And even if you do not take into account the problem of mutual trust, which is regulated by smart contracts, there are many difficulties in this process. At a minimum - low speed, a course which is not always profitable and relevant, low power - you need to find a person who will sell you just as much crypto as you need.

  • Exchanger Bitcoin cash online. Fast and easy, but not too reliable. There is no guarantee that in case of violation of obligations, it will be possible to hold accountable owners of such exchangers.

Benefits of using our service

Apart from the cryptocurrency wallet, which was already mentioned, EXBASE.IO platform users receive other benefits. So, for example, they can not only exchange Bitcoin Cash for a card but can also try to make a profit by speculating on fluctuations in the rate of this cryptocurrency. And as you know, invested funds are only effective when they generate income, and not just somewhere in storage.

You don’t even need to speak separately about the security of the service, anonymity, high speed of work, and other “basic for working with cryptocurrency ” advantages. But the fact that despite the platform provides intermediary services, the charged commission for this is significantly lower than most similar services is worth mentioning. Moreover, in the process when you exchange bitcoin cash online, it is calculated automatically - in the process of calculating the rate.

So if you want to join the world of cryptocurrencies in general, and Bitcoin Cash in particular, please contact us. In addition, with us, you can find useful information regarding the general knowledge necessary for effective work with cryptocurrency.

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