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1. What cryptocurrencies does EXBASE.IO crypto wallet support?
2. Is it possible to conduct cryptocurrency purchase, sale and exchange operations inside the platform?
3. Does the platform support fiat balances?
4. Do I pay any fees for using the EXBASE.IO crypto wallet?
5. What ensures the reliability of storing funds in the EXBASE.IO wallet?
6. Do I need to pass verification to use the crypto wallet?

Bitcoin Cash Wallet online

What is BCH and what kind of wallet is needed for Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash is a Bitcoin hard fork that appeared on August 1, 2017, when the developers disagreed about the block size of the first cryptocurrency, then the proponents of the increase copied the BTC blockchain and from block 478559 the blockchain continued with two incompatible “chains” - Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. This is important to know because many people think that Bitcoin Cash is part of Bitcoin, that they are linked like cents and dollars, but they are not. If you buy Bitcoin Cash, they won't be able to pay where only BTC is accepted, and vice versa. To exchange BCH for BTC, you will have to use the services of an exchanger, coins are not interchangeable and their rate relative to each other is not static.

Therefore, Bitcoin Cash needs its own wallet, and a traditional Bitcoin wallet is not suitable, only those specially created to support this cryptocurrency - like ours. To create a wallet for bitcoin cash online, just register on EXBASE.IO!

How to store Bitcoin Cash?

It is convenient and safe to store BCH in the EXBASE.IO wallet. Security begins with the very structure of our service - a decentralized multicurrency wallet with the possibility of an exchanger, so there is no main server with which to work. This creates insurmountable obstacles for those who decide to hack the system and change the data stored in it at their discretion.

But even if attackers, for whatever reason, manage to gain access to information on user accounts, MasterPassword protection will not allow transferring Bitcoin Cash anywhere. To make it very simple, MasterPassword is a password that is not saved anywhere on the service, since it belongs only to the owner of the BCH wallet. This password must be used to confirm each operation, so that even access to your account without MasterPassword will not allow you to manage the funds that are stored on it.

The EXBASE.IO Bitcoin Cash wallet has another important advantage - focus on long-term storage. The problem is that most exchanges that provide users with the ability to store their assets with them do not provide an opportunity to quickly withdraw them. However, EXBASE users can transfer cryptocurrency anywhere without delay. Moreover, we even provide an opportunity at any time to quickly and with a minimum commission transfer your funds to bank credit cards, if the need for this suddenly arises.

How to create a Bitcoin Cash wallet?

Go to the page, enter your mail and phone number, confirm them, and the BCH wallet is ready! You can receive, send bitcoin cash, and a few more top cryptocurrencies without verification.

Benefits of the online BCH wallet

The EXBASE service provides everyone with bitcoin cash wallets, just a phone number and email. What are the benefits of our users?

  • The most simple and intuitive interface that can be easily dealt with even by those who have not worked with cryptocurrency before.
  • Full compatibility with Android and IOS devices - you just need the ability to access the Internet.
  • The ability to officially withdraw funds to credit and debit cards of banks-residents of the Russian Federation and Ukraine. No additional commission for converting funds!
  • High speed of work and transparent principle of calculating the commission.
  • The main thing that makes EXBASE Bitcoin Cash wallet the best choice is its safety and reliability.

How to receive Bitcoin Cash?

Go to the “Portfolio” tab and click “Receive” under the BCH cryptocurrency.

A window will open with a warning that only Bitcoin Cash will be received on BCH wallet, and in no case other Bitcoin forks. When you click on the button confirming your awareness, your Bitcoin Cash (BCH) address will appear, this is a long sequence of Latin letters and numbers, and a QR code with your bitcoin cache address encrypted in it.

How to buy Bitcoin Cash?

There are two ways. Registered and completely anonymous, but less profitable.

To buy BCH in your personal account, after registration, it is enough to replenish the hryvnia account, then go to the “Buy \ Sell” tab and click “Buy” under BCH

To replenish the hryvnia account, go to the “Portfolio” tab and under the desired fiat currency, for example, the hryvnia (UAH), click on “Replenish”. A form for replenishing the hryvnia account will open, where you will need to habitually indicate the card number, amount and click "Continue".

A form for replenishing the hryvnia account will open, where you will need to habitually indicate the card number, amount and click "Continue". Then follow the instructions of the payment system as if you were buying tickets or ordering a vacuum cleaner.

How to send Bitcoin Cash?

To do this, you need the recipient's wallet address, it must be the BCH address, otherwise the funds will be lost and it will be impossible to return them! Once you know the recipient's address, you can send Bitcoin Cash! Go to your personal account, to the “Portfolio” tab and click on the “Send” button under the indicator of the balance of the Bitcoin Cash wallet.

The BCH sending page will open, on our website all the pages for sending the cryptocurrency are unified for the convenience of the user. It is necessary to insert the recipient's address on it, it is better to copy than to try to dial manually the amount and press “Send”!

Then, without closing the page, enter MasterPassword, if you protected your account with it, and the code from the email that has already come to your mail, and press the button again! Done, BCH sent! It remains only to wait for the transaction to receive confirmation by the blockchain network.

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(!) Any investment in cryptocurrency, including the purchase of BCH using Exbase cryptocurrency wallet, is associated with high market risks of asset price fluctuations. Exbase provides its customers with easy and multifunctional tools for cryptocurrency operations and makes every effort to properly inform our customers about cryptocurrencies and investments in them, but Exbase does not bear any responsibility for the investment results that may result from the actions of our clients! This page and any information on it does not imply any recommendations on the acquisition of any cryptocurrency or the performance of any other investment decisions based on it.