Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallet

Easy multi-functional cryptocurrency wallet with fiat support, exchange operations and multi-click purchases

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1. What cryptocurrencies does EXBASE.IO crypto wallet support?
2. Is it possible to conduct cryptocurrency purchase, sale and exchange operations inside the platform?
3. Does the platform support fiat balances?
4. Do I pay any fees for using the EXBASE.IO crypto wallet?
5. What ensures the reliability of storing funds in the EXBASE.IO wallet?
6. Do I need to pass verification to use the crypto wallet?

Bitcoin Cash online wallet

When you are going to keep your savings, you must find a safe place that will allow you to do this easily. Bitcoin Cash wallet allows you to be sure that your money is safe and you can always access it. A very important function of a good wallet is the ability to deposit and withdraw money from a bank card, as well as the ability to purchase cryptocurrencies for cash.

There are different types of cryptocurrency wallets, but the most convenient for users is the online Bitcoin Cash wallet. It allows you to get full access to your savings from any internet connected device.

Bitcoin Cash wallet EXBASE.IO is well designed and has easy and comfortable interface that allows you to start using it immediately, even if you do not have such an experience.

In order to keep our money in an online wallet, we need to be sure of its high reliability and security. Especially, this is important if you plan to keep long-term investments, you need to be sure that your money will not be lost.

Such security requirements make cryptocurrency exchanges unsuitable. Why? Because centralized exchanges are a rather unreliable place that you should not trust your money. Quite often it happens that the exchange declares bankruptcy, and then its owners disappear with your money. After that, you can forget about returning them to yourself. But security concerns are not the only drawback of the exchange. After all, it stimulates you to trade, where only experienced traders recieve earnings, and the vast majority of people lose their savings.

EXBASE.IO - trusted and secure crypto wallet

EXBASE.IO cryptocurrency multi wallet is free from such shortcomings. It provides reliability and security at the highest level. All operations with cryptocurrency that you perform are carried out in a decentralized network, which guarantees complete security of your money.

To guarantee your money safety even in case of hacking, we use MasterPassword - a password that confirms each operation in the wallet and which is known only to user. Thanks to this, you can be sure that your money is safe in any situation. User protection is in the first place for us, so we paid maximum attention to provide it.

An important advantage of using an EXBASE.IO wallet is the ability to withdraw USD to Visa or MasterCard. This avoids unnecessary commission costs during currency converting. At the same time, the withdrawal commission is one of the lowest in the whole world. As a result, you immediately receive your savings in a stable currency. How to create an EXBASE.IO cryptocurrency wallet? Just follow the directions on the site.

Our BCH wallet is fast. All operations on the purchase, sale and exchange of cryptocurrency in the wallet are carried out instantly. Therefore, you can always make an exchange at the most convenient rate, as soon as you need it.

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(!) Any investment in cryptocurrency, including the purchase of BCH using Exbase cryptocurrency wallet, is associated with high market risks of asset price fluctuations. Exbase provides its customers with easy and multifunctional tools for cryptocurrency operations and makes every effort to properly inform our customers about cryptocurrencies and investments in them, but Exbase does not bear any responsibility for the investment results that may result from the actions of our clients! This page and any information on it does not imply any recommendations on the acquisition of any cryptocurrency or the performance of any other investment decisions based on it.